Shirts for sale now

Good news, the shirts are arrived and are now for sale! Visit the arkuum shop and get your shirt for 12€.
Anyway I wish you a hopeful new year.


Shirt design

Shirt design finished. Great artwork, thanks Ceethava Design.
The shirt production starts in a couple of days, so the shirt will be available at the shop on the arkuum website very soon.


Arkuum Live 2016

I have some good news for the coming year. At first I will publish a really nice shirt & patch design, which will be available at the Arkuum shop in the future. More news very soon.

Moreover there will be a live line up. So Arkuum goes live 2016!
We are just looking for a new vocalist, who can play guitar as well for the third “harmonic” guitar and a drummer.


Wir arbeiten gerade an einem Livesetup, um Arkuum für das kommende Jahr live tauglich zu machen. Dafür suchen wir noch einen neuen Sänger, der zusätzlich die dritte “harmonic” Gitarre, die ab und an zum Einsatz kommt, übernehmen kann. Außerdem suchen wir noch nach einem Schlagzeuger.

Falls du Interesse hast und aus dem Kreis Speyer/Karlsruhe/Landau kommst, dann schreibe mich an für mehr Infos.

Sold out soon

Almost half of the CDs are already sold. I never thought that I get so much support within such a short time.

Really amazing result, thanks for your support!


If you still don’t have an album, don’t wait until all are sold out: Visit the shop.