Arkuum orientates itself to Atmospheric Black Metal, thus it combines a lot of different stylistic influences like Blackgaze, Black Metal, Post Metal and Ambient. But it’s mainly about music as an art without frontiers, which makes the genre label simply a representation on the surface. The musical arrangement does not predefine itself, it rather tries to break limits to impart Arkuum it’s very own sound.

Arkuum creates a deep atmosphere and a unique sound pattern. The distinctive sound of a massive guitar riff causes a depressing sentiment and fascinate the hearer. The emotional deepness of the instrumental accompaniment provides a catchy way of expression, supported by oppressive screams.

The Journey

Back in 2013. Arkuum emerged from the depths conceived by the elusive mind of David Arkas. The solo project Arkuum was founded.

The first album Trostlos (Eng.: dreary, desolate, hopeless) was released independently on 21. August 2015. Denny, vocalist of the band Zeugen der Leere, provides the album Trostlos the final touch with his concise screams and a few clean passages. Trostlos was limited to a small edition of 150 hand-numbered pieces. The album sold out in no time at all. Overwhelmed by the small success, David’s desire to bring Arkuum on stage increased. But it would be another year before that happened.

In spring 2016, David was looking for live musicians to put together a live band that would provide an incredible sound experience on stage. They entered the stage with a lot of new song material to created a unique and dramatic atmosphere that should not be missed.

3 years after the release of the debut album, the second album Die letzte Agonie was released on 04. August 2018. David Arkas continued to take over the entire songwriting. The recording took place as a whole band this time in the studio of Andreas Rosczyk (Ultha).

Line up

The line up has remained unchanged since the band was founded.

David Arkas – Mastermind, Composing, Lyrics, Guitar
René Baron – Vocals
Timo Gütermann – Guitar
Max Roth – Bass
Simon Hauck – Drums


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