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Die letzte Agonie

Uncertainty before darkness, fear of death and loss of thought. Everyday life allows us to forget, but everyone will die. A depressing concept album based on Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ five dying phases.

Release: 04. August 2018
Playtime 50 min
Limited: 500

Composing & Lyrics & Guitar by David Arkas, Vocals by René Baron, Guitar by Timo Gütermann, Bass by Max Roth, Drums by Simon Hauck, Recoreded & Mixed by Andy Rosczyk, Mastered by Lasse Lammert, Photography by Don Fnord, Photomodel Jana Theobald, Photo Editing by Lena Flottow

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An album that reveals the fears and darkness of human nature. All people are equally bad. The thoughts of a young individual growing up in today’s difficult world.

Release: 21. August 2015
Playtime 35 min
Limited: 150

All Instruments & Lyrics by David Arkas, Recorded & Mixed & Mastered by Felix Nutz, Vocals by Denny from Zeugen der Leere, Logo by Wappenschmied, Photography by Don Fnord, Photomodel Katri Hailer, Photo Editing by Silvana Massa Art, Design Support by Lena Flottow, Guitar Rental by Max Roth

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